Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Burgh Baby: The Biggest One Day Contest EVER



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Saturday, September 27, 2008


So the entire last night I kept telling my roommate I was not going to the bar. I ended up at my fiance's apartment and we had a friend come out to visit from pitt, so they decided to go to the bar. After we meandered around the random apartment complexes we decided to take the happy bus to the bar (the happy bus is a student government owned shuttle that runs until 2 i think maybe later). Can I just tell you that this guy was the craziest driver I've ever seen AND WE WERE ON A BUS. We finally get to the bar and there is a limo out side. This does not happen EVER. I get inside and I guess the steelers were there I don't really know who all was there but my roommate from last year was SITTING WITH JEFF REED and getting free long islands all night... I'm not jealous about the long islands because I don't like them but other things yeah...we hung around for a while and drank too much and went to walk home. Sheetz was insane people were dancing standing in line dancing it was fun. Walking home Chris's roommate decided he had to pee so we stopped ON CAMPUS and he peed while we were waiting we found the happy bus again. I'm not really sure why we thought it was a good idea but when we were drunk his driving was WAYYY worse so I said to Chris and his roommate"if we die i love you", because i love everyone when I'm drunk but we didn't die and that's sorta how the story ends more crazy hi jinks later...

Thursday, September 25, 2008


so my parents live a half an hour away from where i go to school.... and they want my fiance and i to move in next year... and i have no problem with that but I'm really happy and proud of my Independence.... or my dependence on credit .... i could get soooo much of my debt paid off and not accrue any more which would be AWESOME but.... its the whole living with your parents thing again after 2 years of being on your own.... I love that I'm welcome to live in my awesome basement apartment but its the living with your parents stigma i think i could like it though any ideas?????

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I really cant take school any more... its been 5 weeks and I need a vacation already....Its not that I have that much work I think I'm just too busy and everythings gotten really hard for me I have a feeling that I hit my head really hard and knocked anything that I knew about anything out my ears. I'm just so frustrated my classes are hard and then one of my teachers can barely speak english WHICH DRIVES ME NUTS if you become an American citizen and work here LEARN THE LANGUAGE its hard enough understanding what the teacher is saying LET ALONE the concepts I'm SUPPOSED to be learning... I'll probably rant some more later but Im just really angry right now...

Monday, September 22, 2008

Oh so boring...

So I've decided that my life is completely uneventful because I spent all weekend solving a Rubik's cube and five minutes after I actually solved it I decided i needed to do it again, needless to say it only happened once I'm still working on the second time around. Also I've been thinking allot about this stupid smoking ban and it doesn't bother me so much out like at the bar or restaurants because I can just go outside and smoke but the big problem is on campus, I mean honestly is it necessary to ban the entire campus, and ok so yeah I understand the clean air act but really if you want clean air dont be doing construction on BOTH sides of campus so we dont have to walk through an average of ten dust/smog clouds a day. Wow im just ranting all over the place I must be having a bad day but i guess thats what getting up at 6:30 for class at 8 does to you.....

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Canoe Trip

FINALLY my phone is not being dumb any more and the canoe/kayak trip alot of goofyness going on here

Chris woke up at five for work the day we left this is the view from my stoop because i couldn't get back to sleep

So this is the view we had the ENTIRE way down the river

This is all the junk we took with us I'm SO GLAD I was in the kayak all by myself!

Crazy Mating dragonflies that did their thing the ENTIRE way down the river ON MY KAYAK not cool dragonflies not freaking cool

In the kayak all by myself!

Goofballs one and too they never cease to amaze me

Eli and his baby all loaded up this is the only picture he wanted to take on the trip

The crew yeah there was only three of is but we had an awesome time

Christopher burning his shoes

Goofball 1

Goofball 2

Eli burning mountain pies who new he never made them before

Another great sunset on the way back to slippery rock

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Finally Catching Up

So, I'm not really sure how i got caught up on all my school work but thank god i did. I have never been so stressed in my ENTIRE LIFE. I guess it does not help that I'm taking two programming classes at once and one I don't have the prerequisites for... I have really exciting news though so far we have recruited 17!!! new members for our sorority. We're probably going to have 20 + after next week! I'm going to post the pictures from the kayak/canoe trip from Labor day as soon as I can get my dumb phone to send them to my email!

Monday, September 8, 2008

so the whole posting everyday thing obviously didnt happen but im going to upload a bunch of pictures from the canoe trip and other things