Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ohhh ow ow ow!

Ok, so I'm an aircraft mechanic for the air national guard. I work on the fuel systems on KC-135s. If you've ever seen the episode of dirty jobs with the "tank rats" that is what I do. Well, I only do this one weekend a month and sometimes when they find orders for me. Today was really rough... usually sealant jobs aren't that bad but I was scraping all day and I'm guessing it made my fibromyalgia really bad because my hands are stuck in a curve shape like I'm holding something and it hurts to stretch them out... NOT COOL BODY NOT FREAKING COOL!

I feel like I'm walking around looking like a hand job machine or something.... ew... that was a bad thought....

I think I'm just gonna go to bed now It's probably the best for everyone if I do...

BUT FIRST! I need to share I love the site TFLN ( a site where people submit redic texts they sent or received usually because someone was wasted or something of the sort) and there were particularly two, that I saw today, that reminded me of the Fall of 2007 The first one was "what wine goes with cap'n crunch" and the other one, well I'm going to leave out... It gives too much detail about bad decisions!

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