Sunday, July 12, 2009

What Would You Do?

I just saw Heather Armstrong from Dooce on GMA speaking about mommy bloggers receiving products and money from companies to write about products on their blogs. I obviously am not a mommy blogger and won't be for atleast a few years, but I still have an opinion on this subject.

I have no problem accepting products sent to me for free to write about. My only condition is the companies fully understand that if their product truely sucks I will tell the world... ok the people who accidentally end up here, how I feel about the product.

Unfortunately, I have not been sent anything and I'm sure after that last comment I probably never will. Oh Well...

Also, my point of this post is, not that I'm suprised, but that Heather Armstrong had no problem saying she was against accepting perks from companies to promote their products. I'm thinking this is a very controversial issue among mommy bloggers, and I enjoy hearing different people's opinons on issues when they aren't bashing the other side just stating that this is why they do things this way (hers was preserving the trust of her audience).

I would enjoy free stuff, does that make me a sellout? What is your opinion?

Friday, July 10, 2009

Its a sad day...

Well, due to financial issues I've decided to downgrade and sell the flocus.... She was my first new car and its hard to get rid of her. She is a good car, never any problems, but shes expensive. It costs a little over 300 a month to keep her not counting gas.... If I buy the car Pat found for me it will be a little over 100 a month, or less depending on how much I get for the flocus, and better on gas.

I'm gonna miss her....

anyone with good advice? or that wants to buy the flocus shes an awesome car!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

I'm Not Dead I Promise!

Hey all, I'm back again. The unemployed life does not give me a whole lot to write about.

Honestly, it gives me nothing to write about... I wake up smoke while letting the Gir (the dog) out. Sit around applying for work at home jobs... (any suggestions?). Take the occasional snack break, email my mom all day, and wait for Pat (formerly bf but since we're engaged now I'm using his name) to get home and usually spend the evening watching him play video games or just being random like we are.

Pat's car got flooded in a bad storm a couple of weeks ago and he has been driving mine (the Flocus). That's why I don't really leave the house. I finally got her back yesterday just in time for a doctors appointment and visiting my mom at work.

By the way my mom is just about as busy as I am but she gets paid to sit there and email me things all day. Her new topic "the wedding" so we haven't set a date and we haven't really decided on anything, we know it's next fall, THATS IT. That's not good enough she wants to know everything. Daily, and sometimes bi-daily she asks if we've decided on a date, or how many people, or colors, which we haven't. I'm hoping she'll stop asking me soon. She also emails me a lot of pictures of dresses which is nice but 37 in one day... I should start training for when we actually do go dress shopping and I actually have to try them on!

I'm still pretty lonely here and our favorite bar just closed which makes me really sad!

Like I said nothing to write about.... but if you've made it this far you read my messy nonsense anyways... lol alright time to find another snack!