Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sleepless In Pittsburgh

I woke up at 6 this morning and couldn't get back to sleep so this is what I've been doing for the last hour

Listening to police scanner... Most interesting so far is some chick came running out of a building naked and got bitch slapped by some dude (house was said to be a drug house not G20 Related )

Reading G20 Tweets.... A lot of tweets in foreign language, or numerous RTs... and people misspelling Pittsburgh... BOO!

More later!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

This is what I do when I'm nervous

I pick the nail polish off of my nails...

I just painted them yesterday, but I'm sure they'll look like this until fricken G20 is over... Just me and the puppy for an entire week :-(

"Cause I hate the ocean, theme parks and airplanes,
Talking with strangers, waiting in line..
I'm through with these pills that make me sit still.
"Are you feeling fine?"
Yes, I feel just fine.

Tell me that you're alright,
Yeah everything is alright.
Oh please tell me that you're alright,
Yeah everything is alright.

I'm sick of the things I do when I'm nervous
Like cleaning the oven or checking my tires
Or counting the number of tiles in the ceiling..
Head for the hills, the kitchen's on fire!" ~Motion City Soundtrack "Everything is Alright"

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

... I don't like this at all....

So, I won't drive downtown by myself because I'll get lost no matter if I had Myron Cope's ghost in my passenger seat (we miss you!), but I LOVE being in THE CITY. I love the energy, I love the landscape, I love all the interesting buildings (we don't have these things in where-da-heck-r-we, PA). Pittsburgh is a BEAUTIFUL city.

This is why I don't like the G-20 Summit coming to "my" city. I could care less about the crusty old rich guys meeting and deciding decisions about god knows what ( I probably should know but I'm broke enough not to care, and uninterested). What I am interested in/upset about is the protesters!

Do you people HONESTLY think that making a ruckus and destroying things is going to make anyone listen to you. YOU ACT LIKE CHILDREN! and children that act like this get disciplined. Most of you are adults (or children drug into this way of life by delusional adults and I am deeply sorry for you come live with me I don't throw poop at people like monkeys) and are either arrested or injured because of responsible people took oaths to protect our city our state and our country. If you don't like the way these countries run FUCKING LEAVE! We don't want you here as much as you hate everything.

Honestly I understand protesting when strikes happen and things like that but other than that you look like overgrown emo kids "I hate everything." Why don't you all get together and buy an Island and run your "ANARCHIST" groups there... I don't really understand anarchist groups because they still have leaders and such soooo.... doesn't that go against your whole purpose?

This video scares me I'm afraid for the city, the people that live in the city, and the people (that I may not know or the ones I live and work with)who maybe by choice or not have to deal with the overgrown emo kids.

Monday, September 14, 2009


So, for the first time since probably 1999, I watched the MTV VMAs....

I WILL NOT COMMENT ON KANYE BEING A DOUCHE 1 because everyone else has and 2 he's like a toddler they make a scene so they get attention but here is a link of his other douche baggery episodes.

also this is fake but funny!

haha and this too sorry I'M DONE REALLY

SO on to the cool stuff that happened...

The beginning of Beyonce's performance gave me a flash back of an old school hit



I haven't decided if I like lady gaga yet or not but her performance was really interesting!


I LOVE EMINEM's hair dark I've always had a secret weird attraction to him idk why but yeah mmmmmmmm hello!....(ok his eyes are a lil crazy here but its all good)

OH and on the issue of hair I love Kristen Stewart's hair cut even though she pretty much sucks as an actress

Oh on suckage Katy Perry ruined that song BUT I want her outfit for a halloween costume or somthing?

And I am highly annoyed with Russel Brand I never liked him except in That Adam Sandler movie Bedtime Story....

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ohhh ow ow ow!

Ok, so I'm an aircraft mechanic for the air national guard. I work on the fuel systems on KC-135s. If you've ever seen the episode of dirty jobs with the "tank rats" that is what I do. Well, I only do this one weekend a month and sometimes when they find orders for me. Today was really rough... usually sealant jobs aren't that bad but I was scraping all day and I'm guessing it made my fibromyalgia really bad because my hands are stuck in a curve shape like I'm holding something and it hurts to stretch them out... NOT COOL BODY NOT FREAKING COOL!

I feel like I'm walking around looking like a hand job machine or something.... ew... that was a bad thought....

I think I'm just gonna go to bed now It's probably the best for everyone if I do...

BUT FIRST! I need to share I love the site TFLN ( a site where people submit redic texts they sent or received usually because someone was wasted or something of the sort) and there were particularly two, that I saw today, that reminded me of the Fall of 2007 The first one was "what wine goes with cap'n crunch" and the other one, well I'm going to leave out... It gives too much detail about bad decisions!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Yes, It's another one of "those" posts...

Ever since I can remember I've always got chills when I hear "The Star Spangled Banner"

I loved family day at the base and I got to go see what daddy did when he was at work

When we would pick up dad after he was deployed on a trip I would yell "DADDY" every time someone in uniform would walk past the car (I was obviously VERY Young)

Sitting in Mrs. Custer's Fundamentals of Physics and Chemistry class beside Heather and Jake and Matt and Zach were behind us the classroom TV turned on automatically. It really was like the world stopped turning... Matt and Zach didn't try to steal the notes out of Heather and my back pockets Mrs. Custer was sitting up front looking confused because the class was actually behaving for once (she couldn't see or hear that the TV was on she was one of "those" teachers). The teachers didn't teach that day, no one threw pickles on the windows in the cafeteria, we went through our normal schedule going from class to class, then sat down and watched the news. There were no announcements made I suppose it was all understood.

On the walk home we didn't go through all the notes we had written for each other and talk about how cute Jeremy's butt looked in his "south pole" jeans or why Jon and I were broke up again we just walked. It seems weird now but then, we didn't know what to say. We went to Lindsey's house like we did everyday hoping to see TRL to gain that normalcy we were looking for, even with MTV there was no relief for the next 48 hours watching the same clips over and over again. When we signed on the Internet there were pictures of it everywhere you clicked.

Dad didn't come home that night, the base was on lock down for safety and mission requirements, he came home the next evening. We refueled the fighter jets that flew up and down the coast. (well ok we still do)

I can't say I was scared, I can't say I was awestruck, it was more of a numbness when you can't feel anything you just watch hoping that it was somewhere else hoping that it was fake that it didn't really happen. But, it did and it sunk in in the passing weeks.

I didn't join the military because of the 9/11 attacks it was just something that was on my path. That feeling of this is where I'm supposed to be. I enjoyed basic training as weird as it sounds. I need someone else to push me, I need someone to tell me I can't do something so I can prove them wrong and when I do you better take note.

August 7, 2004 was when I made my oath of enlistment. June 28, 2005 was when I left for basic training. August 12, I graduated basic training, October 19, 2005 I left Texas after finishing Tech school. November 28, 2008 I was deployed to Guam. December 31, 2008 I came home from Guam.

I look at that and say that's it! That's all I've done...

I have so much left to do!

My family and I at my dad's retirement breakfast!

I've never felt I needed to write about that day since the night of 9/11/2001 until now, everything in between seems so cloudy compared to the memories of that day.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

When You Realize School Is Keeping You Sane...

Obviously, I'm still unemployed. Luckily I started school a couple weeks ago. I have 3 internet classes. At first I was terrified of these classes, but now I check these more than I check Facebook.... I enjoy them because I don't have to sit in class and listen to some teacher drone on reading the power point that came with the book verbatim. And those people that are constantly interrupting asking questions!

I don't have a problem with people asking questions but when every other slide change their hand goes up and they open their mouth and stupid comes out. If you're that lost maybe you should have taken the prereq. for the class or hey READ THE FREAKING BOOK!

Oops off topic once again... Back to the wonderfulness of internet classes. I like that if I'm bored I can get 3 weeks ahead in some classes and the others have alot of work to keep me busy. Thus keeping me sane!

I dont think I really knew what I was getting into I was like oh it'll take me five mins log on type some stuff and log back off DONE! NOPE! Reading and typing and debating and papers and quizes and writing programs and WOW I'm tired just thinking about it and I have to leave for my one actual on campus class that is 75 miles away YEAH I KNOW! I'm crazy for driving that far but thats the only school that has my major thats relatively close.... More on that later

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired...

I'm tired, like really really tired. I don't feel sick, but I can't sleep enough today... I feel lazy. Maybe I've just been too busy last week with school and Audra's wedding over the weekend...

Ohhhh... THE WEDDING... beautiful, but stressful I had no idea what was going on and neither did anyone else.... and Pat only took one picture.... but there's always facebook....

Today's kinda scrambled and I can't think straight, maybe tommorow