Wednesday, September 16, 2009

... I don't like this at all....

So, I won't drive downtown by myself because I'll get lost no matter if I had Myron Cope's ghost in my passenger seat (we miss you!), but I LOVE being in THE CITY. I love the energy, I love the landscape, I love all the interesting buildings (we don't have these things in where-da-heck-r-we, PA). Pittsburgh is a BEAUTIFUL city.

This is why I don't like the G-20 Summit coming to "my" city. I could care less about the crusty old rich guys meeting and deciding decisions about god knows what ( I probably should know but I'm broke enough not to care, and uninterested). What I am interested in/upset about is the protesters!

Do you people HONESTLY think that making a ruckus and destroying things is going to make anyone listen to you. YOU ACT LIKE CHILDREN! and children that act like this get disciplined. Most of you are adults (or children drug into this way of life by delusional adults and I am deeply sorry for you come live with me I don't throw poop at people like monkeys) and are either arrested or injured because of responsible people took oaths to protect our city our state and our country. If you don't like the way these countries run FUCKING LEAVE! We don't want you here as much as you hate everything.

Honestly I understand protesting when strikes happen and things like that but other than that you look like overgrown emo kids "I hate everything." Why don't you all get together and buy an Island and run your "ANARCHIST" groups there... I don't really understand anarchist groups because they still have leaders and such soooo.... doesn't that go against your whole purpose?

This video scares me I'm afraid for the city, the people that live in the city, and the people (that I may not know or the ones I live and work with)who maybe by choice or not have to deal with the overgrown emo kids.

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