Friday, February 27, 2009


So I've been complaining to myself how I never get a chance to blog. But looking at google analytics I haven't ever had anyone read my blog ever... (I'm thinking I didn't put the code in right... GO FIGURE!) Now I don't believe it because I have comments from some awesome people. Sometimes, I believe it because I wouldn't read a blog that posts MAYBE once a week so I'll try to get better... and I'm now a twitterer I guess... I still haven't figured the whole thing out...


Boyfriend wants me to move in...

I'm not sure how to feel about this
On one hand I get all little girl excited and giggly...
On the other... I makes me a little panicky

He doesn't think that moving in with someone is all that serious, I don't really know what to think....

any opinions?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Public appology

To my blogger valentine,

I am really sorry that I have not yet sent you your valentine. My life got really hectic last week with the fam being out of town for a death in the family and well school being school and before I knew it I was waiting for 2 hours in Red Lobster with the bf for our valentines day dinner and it hit me! OH SHIT Babe I need to go to the post office NOW!!! and of course he laughed at me as he always does when I have my (all too random) freak outs and said Why?, Ash, Its 7 on a Saturday its closed just go on Monday you have off. So I explained and a little confused because hes not in to the whole technology thing (he doesn't have the Internet, OR A COMPUTER) so other than going through geek withdrawals when I'm with him I'm basically cut off from the techie world So until noon on Monday when I was watching the news and they told me that the Post Offices were closed because of some crazy holiday I forgot about (which is horrible but being with the bf is like being on vacation for me.) So in short because I'm in school all day and have two tests (that I didn't study for) I PROMISE I will send it tomorrow because I have all week off because my boss had twins (well his wife did but I guess he's sorta involved or something lol)


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Winter Blahs

I'm not sure if I've made it completely clear yet but I hate winter, I hate being cold, and I DEFINITELY hate snow! Usually I am more depressed in the winter, but I think that month I spent on a tropical island made it worse.

I've been in this mood where I feel like I'm not really a person, I'm just around like a machine or something. I go to work sleep go to school sleep go to work do homework and so on until I go to the boyfriends where I feel like I'm on vacation because I feel like its still too good to be true. I never find guys this good, but on to the other half of my usual week I feel like I have no purpose. I go to work where I'm not really needed (sort of scary in this economy.) Then I'm going to school but after being a junior at another college and then starting all over again I feel like I'm getting nowhere I could be looking for awesome internships for next year and instead I'm taking classes again that start with 1 and none of my classes are challenging at all. I'm just in a rut and hopefully I'll break out of it soon hopefully while I have the next week off of work because my boss had twins! Oh well off to my last class for the day...

Blogging in class Again...

Sooo I'm sitting in class, I'm so bored I've checked facebook myspace and read everything in my reader.... Then I remembered HEY I HAVE A BLOG not that I forgot.... Just that when it comes to doing things regularly I have a tendency to let them slip my mind every once in a while (ex. why I suck at taking the pill (and it makes me sick)).

Oh yeah, tried taking the pill again... Made me depressed the first week, sick the second week, and gave me migraines this week. So... I quit taking it... I KNOW its bad but when the bf and I choose not to behave ourselves we are more that "careful" (tmi?). I just can't handle taking birth control I had the nuva ring (all questions welcome(I'm used to it)) and loved it but it gave me migraines but didn't realize it until I had forgotten to get my prescription filled and skipped it for a month (yes again I know bad Ashley!) But that months visit from aunt Flo was probably the most pleasant... if that's possible. Does any out here have any other ideas for "secondary" birth control other than the medicine type?

Also, as I'm sitting here typing this my dad is texting me about the power being out at home because of the wind storms here's how the convo goes hope you enjoy his caveman texting as much as I do

Dad: Power out
Me: At home or school
Dad: Yes
Me: Well theres power at school now so I'm guessing at home hopefully it'll be on when I get home at 10 pm
Dad: Y generator later

I'm guessing that means yes I'm buying a generator later.... but who knows with him lol I love my daddy!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Still awake...

So I've gotten very comfortable staying at bf's house on the weekends. So much so that when I come home after a long day at school I can't sleep. It's come to my attention that I am not able to fall asleep when in a bed by myself at any decent hour... I get really depressed and go into irrational 5 year old mode. I bawled for a good 2 hours and I've finally got it together enough to write a post along with texting the ex... WHY because I'm in irrational 5 year old mode... Its almost like I'm drunk.... or PMS-ing... but I'm not doing either I'm emotional, inconsolable, immature, and I'm sure there's a whole long list of other things but I haven't come to terms with those yet...

Good Night