Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Public appology

To my blogger valentine,

I am really sorry that I have not yet sent you your valentine. My life got really hectic last week with the fam being out of town for a death in the family and well school being school and before I knew it I was waiting for 2 hours in Red Lobster with the bf for our valentines day dinner and it hit me! OH SHIT Babe I need to go to the post office NOW!!! and of course he laughed at me as he always does when I have my (all too random) freak outs and said Why?, Ash, Its 7 on a Saturday its closed just go on Monday you have off. So I explained and a little confused because hes not in to the whole technology thing (he doesn't have the Internet, OR A COMPUTER) so other than going through geek withdrawals when I'm with him I'm basically cut off from the techie world So until noon on Monday when I was watching the news and they told me that the Post Offices were closed because of some crazy holiday I forgot about (which is horrible but being with the bf is like being on vacation for me.) So in short because I'm in school all day and have two tests (that I didn't study for) I PROMISE I will send it tomorrow because I have all week off because my boss had twins (well his wife did but I guess he's sorta involved or something lol)


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