Thursday, February 12, 2009

Blogging in class Again...

Sooo I'm sitting in class, I'm so bored I've checked facebook myspace and read everything in my reader.... Then I remembered HEY I HAVE A BLOG not that I forgot.... Just that when it comes to doing things regularly I have a tendency to let them slip my mind every once in a while (ex. why I suck at taking the pill (and it makes me sick)).

Oh yeah, tried taking the pill again... Made me depressed the first week, sick the second week, and gave me migraines this week. So... I quit taking it... I KNOW its bad but when the bf and I choose not to behave ourselves we are more that "careful" (tmi?). I just can't handle taking birth control I had the nuva ring (all questions welcome(I'm used to it)) and loved it but it gave me migraines but didn't realize it until I had forgotten to get my prescription filled and skipped it for a month (yes again I know bad Ashley!) But that months visit from aunt Flo was probably the most pleasant... if that's possible. Does any out here have any other ideas for "secondary" birth control other than the medicine type?

Also, as I'm sitting here typing this my dad is texting me about the power being out at home because of the wind storms here's how the convo goes hope you enjoy his caveman texting as much as I do

Dad: Power out
Me: At home or school
Dad: Yes
Me: Well theres power at school now so I'm guessing at home hopefully it'll be on when I get home at 10 pm
Dad: Y generator later

I'm guessing that means yes I'm buying a generator later.... but who knows with him lol I love my daddy!

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