Sunday, November 30, 2008


I made it to Hawaii today it is 87 here!!!!!!! I LOVE IT It Is so pretty here it was like a weird light rain you know the light rain at the beach that you don't mind because its warm. I was really afraid to go somewhere mostly by myself, I know people but only through working at the base but its really comforting that everyone is so friendly and they all knew my dad when he worked at the base and I know if I needed anything they'd take care of me. Also that light rain reminded me of the night that Chris and I got engaged. We were in Fort Fisher, NC and it rained but we played cards and waited it out to go for a moon lit walk on the beach and we did but the entire time we were walking it was the same wonderful mist thats going on today!! That made me feel even more warm and fuzzy!!!

I took some really pretty pictures of flowers I found outside and I'll add them later I think my cord is in the other bag that's still on the plane I HOPE!!! if not i'll have to find somewhere to buy one

Nov 29TH
Pittsburgh 31 Fahrenheit

Hawaii 87 Fahrenheit

Saturday, November 29, 2008

well... Peace out PA... for now

So its 1:30 am I'm staying awake because I need to get a shower in an hour and leave for my deployment which is cool cuz then I'll have been up for 24 hours and maybe I'll be able to sleep on the flight.

BUT I may be offline for a few days and I'm sorry but I'm not sure if I'll have Internet so my posts may be few and far between until i get back next year!!!

Much Love To the Bloggers lol

Monday, November 24, 2008

Holy Crap

I've been in the process of unpacking the last few days and I'm not even close to halfway done so It might be a while because I have to pack for my deployment on Saturday

So the next few days will be unpacking, packing oh and this thing called Thanksgiving!! oh and shopping for things that I'll need for a month and possibly a web camera for Chris and I to use on skype. I'm not sure how skype works but we'll see...

Friday, November 21, 2008

The First Time I Drove A Car What Was It Like?

The first time I drove a car was right after I passed my permit test. I had to drive through down town then get on the interstate and the the crazy windy roads to get home. I've never been so scared in my life (well atleast that I can think of right now) and I'm sure I pissed off a few people. I think I maybe went 45 the whole 5 minutes I was on the interstate and drove on the edge of the road like I was delivering mail (i.e. on the other side on the white line) the rest of the way home. Then later that day mom thought it would be a good idea to go rent movies to celebrate and I had to drive in the dark and the rain then. That may have been worse.....

So I got this Idea from a Prompt Generator which i got from
Something Clever Goes here Which is This weeks Blog Train Spot from Katie

I think I may do a random prompt blog once or twice a week if I can what do y'all thing about that?

I should be un packing...

I should probably be unpacking all my junk but I hate doing things alone. I'm not talking about the OMG will come to the bathroom with me thing, I hate that, I'm pee shy. I think the reason I couldn't pack was I was alone and I have so much junk it was overwhelming and still is. I'm one of those sorta messy people who just don't know where to put everything. Unless its the kitchen or bathroom those HAVE HAVE HAVE to be clean! or I wont use them... Yeah, I'm slightly neurotic

By the way IT'S STILL SNOWING! and that is why I will stay inside, in my sweats and robe with some butterfingers hot chocolate AMAZING!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

ew! why god why!

... I think I might sue my kindergarden teacher... Because she pretty much lied when she told the 20 or so of us with eager sponge-like minds that infact it snows in the winter. Hey Mrs. Hall ITS NOT WINTER YET!!!

Yes, I have seen the few flurries that we've been getting and I was ok. Not today, no not today I almost threw up (if there was actually anything in my stomache I'm starving) when I saw the first SNOWPLOW of the season. I wasn't ready for this. I was planning on leaving and being welcomed back in January with the snow but nope wasnt prepared today

Oh and when its really cold my gas pedal sticks so I have to stomp on it to go anywhere. I never hear about gas pedals getting stuck out so that you cant go anywhere but in my case I guess thats one thing I am blessed with that its not stuck in and I plow right in to somthing as unforgivng as a bomb shelter or somthing.

More later I still have to unpack!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Nope, cant handle this

1. I can't force myself to pack I'm supposed to be moving out of my apartment tomorrow and every time I sit down on the floor to try and pack I start bawling, hysterically I just cant make myself to pack. So my wonderful mommy is going to help me tomorrow.

2. PITT GIRL QUIT!?!?!?!?! I was hoping to get a good laugh in between cry fests and now I cant even do that WHAT!!!!! I fully understand and respect her decision, and she will be deeply missed. Heres the article... by The Pittsburgh Post Gazette,I feel some more hysterics comeing on

3. Lots of crazy stuff going on in my life that I'm just not allowed to talk about and honestly I'm ready to just chug a bottle of dads homemade wine but... I think then I'd just be a messier hot mess....

OK gotta go find more tissues and don't worry they wont be the anti-bacterial kind heaven forbid I commit a felony for not using them on my NOSE!!!!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

....Not so sure

So I tried to spiff up my blog a bit... I'm not sure I like it. I'm usually one of those people who first hate their new hair cuts and it just takes a day or two to get acquainted with so I'm gonna keep this for a day or two and see how I feel.....

comments would be great especially if its harder to read this way

Friday, November 14, 2008


So Wednesday night my awesome sorority sisters threw me a surprise going away party intertwined with another girls 21st birthday party.

Well since I will not be attending Slippery Rock next semester I've been trying to spend as much time with my close friends as I can such as randomly showing up at their apartment and well when they're trying to plan a surprise party for you they are not too happy about coming unannounced which now I understand but Tuesday's bitchiness was not appreciated but I came to understand later.

Last week my little, Cory, decided to ask me to go out for a drink after her night class and I definitely agreed well Wednesday night they told me we were also taking Amy (the girl who was turning 21) which made a lot of sense even though her surprise party was never mentioned to me before so I continued to ask questions which increased the bitchiness

Moral of the story If your friends are bitchy don't get upset they might be planning a surprise party for you...

OH and EXCITING NEWS!!! I FINALLY HAVE A FUNCTIONING DIGITAL CAMERA so when I find things picture worthy they will definitely be up here unfortunately today I could not get a picture of a bumper sticker on the back of a mustang that said "I'm only speeding 'cause I really have to poop!" WHICH TOTALLY MADE MY DAY!!!!!

PS as I'm typing away my roommate and her ex/Friday night hook up/ WORST ENEMY are in a "wrestling match" including lighters watches and bloody noses and my roommate yelling YOU BURNT MY VAGINA, then my fiancee says to me "HA HA Stef is a FIRE CROTCH"

Oh my life

Monday, November 10, 2008


SO, sorry about last week it was a week of HELL! I am getting deployed like I said in my pants missing post. Slippery Rock University decided to email me on MONDAY saying I had to withdraw from the university because I will leaving before finals are over. This was not the CASE IN JUNE when I found out and emailed everyone and their mother about it just to make sure i was not going to get screwed over AGAIN!!! Yes, again I almost failed a class because some bimbo business teacher thought that being in her pointless consumer behavior class was more important than working at the base when I was on INVOLUNTARY ORDERS. I missed two stupid classes and two assignments that I asked about as soon as I got back but I guess they didn't exist the week I got back and MAGICALLY reappeared the week before finals. So needless to say I am no longer a student of Slippery Rock University, I don't really mind, This place is horrible its more like the school is here for the administration and the faculty not the students (THE WHOLE POINT FOR A FREAKING SCHOOL). ANYWAYS, the whole reason for this is that I went to tell my teachers that I wasn't skipping class to skip class I'm actually not a student here anymore. So going through the script with one of my teachers and I quote "Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I'm not skipping your class to skip class, I'm no longer a student at slippery rock they made me withdraw because I'm being deployed with the military." Teacher: "CONGRATURATIONS" Like I won a prize or something. HONESTLY!!! because being deployed is a good thing. I'm not complaining about being deployed I'm actually excited to go, but the ignorance of this guy who is probably here on a visa, who can't teach has to have other teachers make his power points for him, cant speak English well OF COURSE I should expect him to not know what deployment means because his pay check comes from my outrageous tuition oh yeah and EVERYONES taxes when theres some perfectly competent American that would kill for his job but couldnt get it because supposedly foreign people obviously know everything about technology. OK yes they might be more advanced in technology but teaching it in a different country NO sorry FAIL. OK I'm done ranting and I'm sorry if I sound culture centric or racist, I don't think I am but this is how I feel.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Where the hell are my pants....

To Whom It May Concern....

Hi, creepy little locker room elf. I went to the base for drill today, went to change into my uniform only to realize that my BDU (battle dress uniform) pants were not where I left them last month, on the hanger. I'm not mad it's actually kind of funny. Although, I'm sure it will produce much humor in the break room, I am quite concerned. I am leaving soon and cannot perform my job very well with only one pair of pants. I will be gone for a while, and do not feel like wearing the same pants the entire time.

Thank you,
Ashley Lynn

Yeah, not being able to find my pants has ruined my day. Sorta sad huh?