Friday, November 14, 2008


So Wednesday night my awesome sorority sisters threw me a surprise going away party intertwined with another girls 21st birthday party.

Well since I will not be attending Slippery Rock next semester I've been trying to spend as much time with my close friends as I can such as randomly showing up at their apartment and well when they're trying to plan a surprise party for you they are not too happy about coming unannounced which now I understand but Tuesday's bitchiness was not appreciated but I came to understand later.

Last week my little, Cory, decided to ask me to go out for a drink after her night class and I definitely agreed well Wednesday night they told me we were also taking Amy (the girl who was turning 21) which made a lot of sense even though her surprise party was never mentioned to me before so I continued to ask questions which increased the bitchiness

Moral of the story If your friends are bitchy don't get upset they might be planning a surprise party for you...

OH and EXCITING NEWS!!! I FINALLY HAVE A FUNCTIONING DIGITAL CAMERA so when I find things picture worthy they will definitely be up here unfortunately today I could not get a picture of a bumper sticker on the back of a mustang that said "I'm only speeding 'cause I really have to poop!" WHICH TOTALLY MADE MY DAY!!!!!

PS as I'm typing away my roommate and her ex/Friday night hook up/ WORST ENEMY are in a "wrestling match" including lighters watches and bloody noses and my roommate yelling YOU BURNT MY VAGINA, then my fiancee says to me "HA HA Stef is a FIRE CROTCH"

Oh my life

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bex said...

It's the thought that counts! My friends never surprise me because I'm too clever for that. I know all that goes on.