Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Nope, cant handle this

1. I can't force myself to pack I'm supposed to be moving out of my apartment tomorrow and every time I sit down on the floor to try and pack I start bawling, hysterically I just cant make myself to pack. So my wonderful mommy is going to help me tomorrow.

2. PITT GIRL QUIT!?!?!?!?! I was hoping to get a good laugh in between cry fests and now I cant even do that WHAT!!!!! I fully understand and respect her decision, and she will be deeply missed. Heres the article... by The Pittsburgh Post Gazette,I feel some more hysterics comeing on

3. Lots of crazy stuff going on in my life that I'm just not allowed to talk about and honestly I'm ready to just chug a bottle of dads homemade wine but... I think then I'd just be a messier hot mess....

OK gotta go find more tissues and don't worry they wont be the anti-bacterial kind heaven forbid I commit a felony for not using them on my NOSE!!!!!

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