Thursday, November 20, 2008

ew! why god why!

... I think I might sue my kindergarden teacher... Because she pretty much lied when she told the 20 or so of us with eager sponge-like minds that infact it snows in the winter. Hey Mrs. Hall ITS NOT WINTER YET!!!

Yes, I have seen the few flurries that we've been getting and I was ok. Not today, no not today I almost threw up (if there was actually anything in my stomache I'm starving) when I saw the first SNOWPLOW of the season. I wasn't ready for this. I was planning on leaving and being welcomed back in January with the snow but nope wasnt prepared today

Oh and when its really cold my gas pedal sticks so I have to stomp on it to go anywhere. I never hear about gas pedals getting stuck out so that you cant go anywhere but in my case I guess thats one thing I am blessed with that its not stuck in and I plow right in to somthing as unforgivng as a bomb shelter or somthing.

More later I still have to unpack!!


Katie said...

So you mnade it through the move. Lovely.

Yes, we're getting snow as well, and I am a little more than pissed about it. I wasn't even able to enjoy the fall, and we're stepping into winter. W. T. F. ?!

Ashley Lynn said...

Yeah I'll eventually get over it and go sled riding or something but for today I'm staying inside and loving every second of it!