Monday, November 10, 2008


SO, sorry about last week it was a week of HELL! I am getting deployed like I said in my pants missing post. Slippery Rock University decided to email me on MONDAY saying I had to withdraw from the university because I will leaving before finals are over. This was not the CASE IN JUNE when I found out and emailed everyone and their mother about it just to make sure i was not going to get screwed over AGAIN!!! Yes, again I almost failed a class because some bimbo business teacher thought that being in her pointless consumer behavior class was more important than working at the base when I was on INVOLUNTARY ORDERS. I missed two stupid classes and two assignments that I asked about as soon as I got back but I guess they didn't exist the week I got back and MAGICALLY reappeared the week before finals. So needless to say I am no longer a student of Slippery Rock University, I don't really mind, This place is horrible its more like the school is here for the administration and the faculty not the students (THE WHOLE POINT FOR A FREAKING SCHOOL). ANYWAYS, the whole reason for this is that I went to tell my teachers that I wasn't skipping class to skip class I'm actually not a student here anymore. So going through the script with one of my teachers and I quote "Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I'm not skipping your class to skip class, I'm no longer a student at slippery rock they made me withdraw because I'm being deployed with the military." Teacher: "CONGRATURATIONS" Like I won a prize or something. HONESTLY!!! because being deployed is a good thing. I'm not complaining about being deployed I'm actually excited to go, but the ignorance of this guy who is probably here on a visa, who can't teach has to have other teachers make his power points for him, cant speak English well OF COURSE I should expect him to not know what deployment means because his pay check comes from my outrageous tuition oh yeah and EVERYONES taxes when theres some perfectly competent American that would kill for his job but couldnt get it because supposedly foreign people obviously know everything about technology. OK yes they might be more advanced in technology but teaching it in a different country NO sorry FAIL. OK I'm done ranting and I'm sorry if I sound culture centric or racist, I don't think I am but this is how I feel.

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