Sunday, November 30, 2008


I made it to Hawaii today it is 87 here!!!!!!! I LOVE IT It Is so pretty here it was like a weird light rain you know the light rain at the beach that you don't mind because its warm. I was really afraid to go somewhere mostly by myself, I know people but only through working at the base but its really comforting that everyone is so friendly and they all knew my dad when he worked at the base and I know if I needed anything they'd take care of me. Also that light rain reminded me of the night that Chris and I got engaged. We were in Fort Fisher, NC and it rained but we played cards and waited it out to go for a moon lit walk on the beach and we did but the entire time we were walking it was the same wonderful mist thats going on today!! That made me feel even more warm and fuzzy!!!

I took some really pretty pictures of flowers I found outside and I'll add them later I think my cord is in the other bag that's still on the plane I HOPE!!! if not i'll have to find somewhere to buy one

Nov 29TH
Pittsburgh 31 Fahrenheit

Hawaii 87 Fahrenheit

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