Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Well I'm sitting in class after my counseling center appointment, and I'm really glad I went. This guy is alot better than the guy I went to ohhhh two summers ago. He's alot easier to talk to and actualy seems like he likes his job. The other guy seemed like he hated his job, and thats not really the vibe you want to get when you're going to get help from people. ESPECIALLY if youre depressed.

So, he figured out that my depression is more of a problem than my anxiety and that it is caused by biological factors and not psychological. So, now I have to make an appointment with the dreaded health center to get medicine to get my life back on track. YAY!

This would be fine but, I hate taking pills every day. I dont like feeling like I have to depend on somone or somthing to get through the day. It was the same with birth control but I was a lot better at taking that becuase the fear of getting pregnant when you're 17 was a lot worse than being annoyed with taking pills.

I fixed that problem when I was perscribed the nuva ring which is AWESOME by the way and yes I'll answer 50 questions about it if you'd like, I'm used to it and an open person OBVIOUSLY. Although if any birth control gives you migraines, this is the only time I will not recommend it. (But, yeah I'm not a doctor so DONT LISTEN TO A THING I SAY)

Back to the aweful health center. I absoloutely HATE the Slippery Rock University Health Center. It takes for ever to see someone, and even if you are on the brink of death they think everything is solved by a cough drop. Also, before they even ask you your symptoms, not reguarding if you're male or female, they ask if theres a possibility of you being pregnant. Then, if you return because the magical cough drops didn't work (I wonder why?) they tell you that your apendix is going to burst and you need to get to the hospital right away. Mind you that its Febuary, blizzarding, oh and unless you want to take an ambulance (that costs ohh 3x your tuition) your parents that live 30 mins away, and hour and 30 mins in a bizzard, have to come get you and take yout to the hospital that is another hour and 30 mins away (in blizzard conditions) IN YOUR GRANDMA'S CAR!!!

Well ok they didn't say it in that many words but I'm sure you smell what I'm steppin in.

I'm in a really bloggy mood today so expect more later when I'm most likley supposed to be doing homework in the library


So I'm sitting in the library before my counseling center appointment and looking through blogs for posts that I have missed and I found this one!!! It is a video of foxes, yes foxes, playing on a football/lacrosse/I'm guessing soccer field at a high school in Boulder, CO

The Foxes are jumping around having a good time and I couldn't figure out what they were playing with, until I realized they are TEARING APART the field.

Which is awesome to me because when I was in 7Th grade our high school put in a turf field and trying to get to it or the track was harder than getting in to Fort Knox. They were so protective of the new track and field that pretty much if your sport was not using it you should probably not even look at it. Rightfully so though, because the field cost well over a million dollars and I'm pretty sure no one in my school district knows how much a million dollars actually is.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Ohhhhhhh.... DUH!!!

So sometimes while I'm blog stalking in class I tend to skim through blogs and half read because I try to fit as much in to an hour as I can... Well today I started to read blogs I've already read just to see if I missed something and... I DID and I feel bad now because I didn't have any idea why I was tagged in another blog... Don't Call Me Kathleen LOVE IT!! well I was supposed to do something... so here goes

7 Facts about Me!!!

1. I am obsessed with my cell phone and I don't mean normal texting calling and other phone stuffs. I constantly am looking at my phone either playing sudoku or googling random things (my roommates tend to have arguments about "facts" and I look them up so they'll shut up)

2. I smoke and I hate it... but I have no motivation to quit. I tried quitting only to fail because I didn't have the "want" to do it it was just my fiance thought it would be a good idea and I did too but I just don't want to quit... I think its the social aspect of it.

3. I'm in the Air National Guard. Its like the Air Force but its governed by the individual state before the federal government. Oh, and I'm and aircraft mechanic... scary huh?

4. Birth Control, be it the pill or nuva ring, gave me worse cramps and migraines than before I started taking it... so I quit....

5. I secretly just want to be a housewife. Maybe just for a week because I think I will get too bored being at home all day waiting for my hubby to get home. Unless I have kids at the time then I think it would be fun to play and watch little kid cartoons like the backyardigans all day ( I used to work in a daycare!!)

6. This is getting hard... OH!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE geocaching if you don't know what it is you HAVE to try it GEOCACHING Look Us up our name is PAexporer87

7. I have way more guy friends than girl friends. I'm more of the go out play in the woods get dirty type of girl (Its way more fun!!)

Ok so that's 7 things about me!

1. Link to your tagger and list these rules on your blog.

2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.

3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blog.

4. Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

OOOOOOK tagging 7 people might be hard because I'm new to this.

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OK yeah i don't really have a lot of people to tag....... maybe I'll add more as i find more peoples blogs I admire?

Thursday, October 23, 2008

I am in love with mint tea!!!

So I am still getting over whatever sickness I had. During the last five days I have consumed MASSIVE amounts of tea and I have to admit that my two favorites in this order are any tea with mint in it, and pomegranate tea. Never having pomegranate juice before I was really not sure about the tea but it is really good!!!

I think the reason I love mint teas is because mint is supposed to be a "cool" flavor and tea is hot. I like the confused tongue feeling like with sweet and sour (especially in margaritas) yessssssssss!


Monday, October 20, 2008

AHH it finally caught up with me

Every Fall I HAVE to get a sinus infection. It is pretty much a ritual or something. It never fails and this time its bad!

Ok the severity is partially my fault because this weekend was homecoming so Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday I was wasted. Then for the grand finale Friday I spent all day outside in the cold dampness making the float and then Saturday was the big day that ended up with praying to the porcelain gods.

So yesterday and today I've done pretty much nothing but blow my nose and drink tea. Well starting on Kleenex box number 2 I was looking at the bottom of the box and there are DIRECTIONS!!!!

Yes Directions On The Bottom Of A Kleenex Box!
and I Quote:

Directions for Use: It is a violation of Federal law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling. Use only as a facial tissue.

Ok, so I'll give them that they are anti-virus tissues BUT reading this aloud to my fiance and his roommate they came up with the other colorful uses of tissues such as wiping your ass and jacking off.

Never needing them for the latter I found this hilarious, but we all know we've found ourselves in the situation where albeit doing #1 or #2 you have looked over and saw hanging on the wall nothing but cardboard. Being inventive human beings you look behind you and grab a hand full of tissues and "clean up"

Well according of my Kleenex box this is now a federal offense! Which if the FBI or CIA or SWAT or who ever bust in on me with a handful of tissues I guess I will be guilty of 2 counts of illegal tissue use.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Too damn early

So yesterday I spent 5 hours in the library and accomplished NOTHING. Then got frustrated and went to the bar with a few friends. It was a fun relaxing night but I still have nothing done... I actually made it to my first class today. I am sort of worried because I only have a year and a half left of school (not counting this semester) and I feel like I know nothing. Granted I just picked up my major last year but the crazy amount of debt I'm in is not worth knowing nothing. Maybe that's why I feel I've given up on school....

Monday, October 13, 2008

Oh boy....

So, I haven't been sleeping well... I wake up in the middle of the night five or six times it is driving me nuts. Then this morning i wake up at 5 AM feeling like my entire left leg is broken(and I have no clue why). So not only am I tired today I'm sore as well.

I wish I had more motivation its getting to the point where I have no idea how I'm going to pass any of my classes this semester. Its not that I'm lazy I want to go to class but when it comes to getting up in the morning that determination is GONE its really hard for me to get my life together when I have class but when I get up at the same time for work I have no problem waking up for work. Maybe I should see if I can get paid to go to school? OK yeah I seriously doubt that

Well one good thing about today is that my mom is coming up to make my roommates, my sister, her roommates and my fiance lasagna for dinner!!!! So I'm not too excited about having 11 people in my apartment at once but hey it'll be a good time as long as they bring wine...

Friday, October 10, 2008

YESSSSSSSSSS its friday!!!!

So I'm sitting here in my Scripting Languages class looking at everyone else's blogs because I cant pay attention when I cant understand the teacher. Oh and I have no idea whats going on because I didn't take the prerequisite yet, but my good old buddy PJ usually helps me out. I haven't written in a while because Ive been busy. So busy that nothing interesting happened to tell you about....

Yes my life sucks UNTIL TODAY! I finally got my loan check for school thank God too. Tuesday I received an email from my apartment complex saying if I didn't pay my rent for the last three months by next week I'm getting sent to collections and EVICTED (wow i guess that was interesting, I forgot!). Yes not paying my rent for three months does sound a little irresponsible of me but they knew I was getting the loan because I gave them the letter saying i was approved and they said that was fine.

Well then the loan company needed this paper and that paper and proof that I'm a human being not a marmoset (that's an animal right? the word just popped into my head) I've never had so much trouble getting a loan before in my ENTIRE life. So now I finally have it and I go to the bank and they said that my Co signer for the loan had to sign it as well UGH never had to do that before either.

Oh well I'm in debt up to (or maybe over) my ears and I probably will be for a while.

WOW it just got really cold in this room I swear my school still has the a/c on.