Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Well I'm sitting in class after my counseling center appointment, and I'm really glad I went. This guy is alot better than the guy I went to ohhhh two summers ago. He's alot easier to talk to and actualy seems like he likes his job. The other guy seemed like he hated his job, and thats not really the vibe you want to get when you're going to get help from people. ESPECIALLY if youre depressed.

So, he figured out that my depression is more of a problem than my anxiety and that it is caused by biological factors and not psychological. So, now I have to make an appointment with the dreaded health center to get medicine to get my life back on track. YAY!

This would be fine but, I hate taking pills every day. I dont like feeling like I have to depend on somone or somthing to get through the day. It was the same with birth control but I was a lot better at taking that becuase the fear of getting pregnant when you're 17 was a lot worse than being annoyed with taking pills.

I fixed that problem when I was perscribed the nuva ring which is AWESOME by the way and yes I'll answer 50 questions about it if you'd like, I'm used to it and an open person OBVIOUSLY. Although if any birth control gives you migraines, this is the only time I will not recommend it. (But, yeah I'm not a doctor so DONT LISTEN TO A THING I SAY)

Back to the aweful health center. I absoloutely HATE the Slippery Rock University Health Center. It takes for ever to see someone, and even if you are on the brink of death they think everything is solved by a cough drop. Also, before they even ask you your symptoms, not reguarding if you're male or female, they ask if theres a possibility of you being pregnant. Then, if you return because the magical cough drops didn't work (I wonder why?) they tell you that your apendix is going to burst and you need to get to the hospital right away. Mind you that its Febuary, blizzarding, oh and unless you want to take an ambulance (that costs ohh 3x your tuition) your parents that live 30 mins away, and hour and 30 mins in a bizzard, have to come get you and take yout to the hospital that is another hour and 30 mins away (in blizzard conditions) IN YOUR GRANDMA'S CAR!!!

Well ok they didn't say it in that many words but I'm sure you smell what I'm steppin in.

I'm in a really bloggy mood today so expect more later when I'm most likley supposed to be doing homework in the library

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kris chiprean said...

Ashley: I was disappointed your opinion of the Student Health Center is so low. As the director, I care very much about each student’s experience. Contact me at I’d welcome learning more about why you feel this way and how we can meet your needs.