Friday, October 10, 2008

YESSSSSSSSSS its friday!!!!

So I'm sitting here in my Scripting Languages class looking at everyone else's blogs because I cant pay attention when I cant understand the teacher. Oh and I have no idea whats going on because I didn't take the prerequisite yet, but my good old buddy PJ usually helps me out. I haven't written in a while because Ive been busy. So busy that nothing interesting happened to tell you about....

Yes my life sucks UNTIL TODAY! I finally got my loan check for school thank God too. Tuesday I received an email from my apartment complex saying if I didn't pay my rent for the last three months by next week I'm getting sent to collections and EVICTED (wow i guess that was interesting, I forgot!). Yes not paying my rent for three months does sound a little irresponsible of me but they knew I was getting the loan because I gave them the letter saying i was approved and they said that was fine.

Well then the loan company needed this paper and that paper and proof that I'm a human being not a marmoset (that's an animal right? the word just popped into my head) I've never had so much trouble getting a loan before in my ENTIRE life. So now I finally have it and I go to the bank and they said that my Co signer for the loan had to sign it as well UGH never had to do that before either.

Oh well I'm in debt up to (or maybe over) my ears and I probably will be for a while.

WOW it just got really cold in this room I swear my school still has the a/c on.

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