Thursday, September 10, 2009

When You Realize School Is Keeping You Sane...

Obviously, I'm still unemployed. Luckily I started school a couple weeks ago. I have 3 internet classes. At first I was terrified of these classes, but now I check these more than I check Facebook.... I enjoy them because I don't have to sit in class and listen to some teacher drone on reading the power point that came with the book verbatim. And those people that are constantly interrupting asking questions!

I don't have a problem with people asking questions but when every other slide change their hand goes up and they open their mouth and stupid comes out. If you're that lost maybe you should have taken the prereq. for the class or hey READ THE FREAKING BOOK!

Oops off topic once again... Back to the wonderfulness of internet classes. I like that if I'm bored I can get 3 weeks ahead in some classes and the others have alot of work to keep me busy. Thus keeping me sane!

I dont think I really knew what I was getting into I was like oh it'll take me five mins log on type some stuff and log back off DONE! NOPE! Reading and typing and debating and papers and quizes and writing programs and WOW I'm tired just thinking about it and I have to leave for my one actual on campus class that is 75 miles away YEAH I KNOW! I'm crazy for driving that far but thats the only school that has my major thats relatively close.... More on that later

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