Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Uh Oh....

So, I've been off the last three weeks... Yes every Monday night for the last three weeks my boss has texted me and said they were slow this week and didn't need me to come in.

In short, technically I'm unemployed.... Driving from dinner with the bf's fam I saw a place that was hiring a pc technician. Had a 4 1/2 hour working interview (that's what i was nervous/excited about last week) only to find out that they only wanted to hire me temporarily because I would have to be off for three weeks for my yearly time to work at the base.

I'm still technically unemployed.

No one will hire me because I need time off in the first two months of working. I wouldn't hire me either.

This causes me to start to get depressed. Which upsets me even more because I've been doing so well I've thought that all these changes in my life had made my depression and anxiety go away. I guess all it takes is one little blip of problems makes it come back. I've noticed my hands shaking more often so I'm just waiting for the total meltdown to come.

Hopefully I'll stop this soon I have to I refuse to fall back into the black hole again

Sorry for bring back the bitchy rantings, I had to!

PS. I got my book swim shipment the other day and I finished the first one in a day. I may be in love with it!

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