Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Serious Question for Y'all

I know is been a while and a lot of my posts start like this but, I have an honest to goodness question for you.

Would you move to space given the option?

The boy and I were watching one of those 2012 shows the other night, and they were talking about the world ending and that an option to saving humanity was to move people to space weather on a planet or a free floating space station. I'm not big on believing the whole "THE WORLD IS GOING TO END" thing, my theory is if it is going to happen it is going to happen and there is nothing anyone can do about it.

When the subject came up I thought about it for a minute and then asked the boy, "If we had the chance would you want to move the family to space even if we had kids?" He said yes and I agreed. I was a big fan of the Disney Xenon movies (no one probably knows what I'm talking about). I just think it would be cool to be on the "new frontier," obviously I would want to wait to make sure it was safe and everything before moving my family there but I am all for it!

Anyone have an opinion?

Ps. they found water on the moon....

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Kandace said...

I don't know if I'd be willing ot move to space. Sure xenon was cute (yes, I saw both movies) but then there's also the whole disaster thing. If something goes wrong it's not like a house fire where you go outside, you're Stuck up there. I think things would have to be Really bad here on Earth for me to go that route. i don't really go for the sudden but predictable end of earth thing, so i'm not about to move to space just because it Might.

Coincidently I was thinking of that today too due to a movie I watched.