Friday, May 22, 2009

Girls Night Out!

Last night I had mentioned to the BF that I might have to plan a girls night out with some friends that don't live really close to us. That didn't go well, in his defense he just didn't want to be home alone all night if I would stay on a friends couch which I COMPLETELY understand BUT THIS IS...

His definition of GIRLS NIGHT OUT: You get all dressed up, and then wasted, and then end up sleeping on some random persons couch possibly "sleeping with" some random dude. Also that its just not what people in serious relationships do.


MY definition of GIRLS NIGHT OUT: You get all dressed up, have a few margaritas, (if we happen to get wasted it happens but wasn't a "goal")and talk about things like dudes or things that dudes don't want to talk about.

WARNING GROSS (read at your own risk):

CASE IN POINT DOG EATING WHOLE USED TAMPONS. Yes it really happened and no I haven't went through the yard to find said tampons. With my friends this story would definitely come out after a few margaritas.


So I ask everyone out there, even if you don't usually visit here, even if you just searched the above Gross out case, WHAT IS YOUR DEFINITION OF GIRLS/GUYS NIGHT OUT?


Adam said...

I don't hear the term much, but, according to my one friend, gurl's night out is when he and his gay friends all get together to drink margaritas and be fashionable, or "fetch" as he puts it. Other wise, it would depend on the girls, there are some girls that I know who I would expect a girls night out for them to consist of amateur night at the Jiggly Room, others I would expect it to be going to something like Sing Sing on the water front and drink margaritas and be fashionable (just not gay).

Ashley Lynn said...

Only you Adam ONLY YOU lol you could have described guys night out if that would have been easier... I mean in a way you did but it was definitely NOT what I was thinking lol

Adam said...

All my guy friends are huge nerds and/or have moved away/have kids. Those pretty much put a damper large gatherings. I think that the closest thing I do now to a guys night out would be just going to the bar with Judd, and that's pretty tame normally. When I was younger, guys night out used to involve paintball and fistfights tho, so perhaps I've just mellowed in my old age...