Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My Oh My!

Woah guys,

I haven't disappeared, I just haven't had anything to write about for over a month...

I started this blog to document my life, sort of like a journal. That didn't happen. It turned into a place to complain about everything that annoyed, to infurriated me. I'm thinking that thats probably not somthing somone wants to read about every day, but thats not why I wrote... I wrote to get it all out, I'm a feeling bottler and it felt soooo much better to let it out here than deal with confrontations with people.

I am currently out of the feeling bottling business, hence the negletion of the blog. I'm happy now, and this amazes me because I've NEVER been a happy person.

Its not just the new bf, not just not living with my parents, not just being in a major that I completley love, it's everything, I see myself as a whole different person now, and finally I actually like this person.

So, I'm sorry if I go a while with out posting I'll try my best, (it's a lot harder without the blackberry) and I'm really excited to start posting about GOOD things instead of how horrible/f'ed up my life is!

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