Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What is "Perfect" really?

So I found this here and decided to do it rather than be completely bored at work

  • The perfect outfit: Jeans, Cute shirt, and my FAVE black Heels....
  • The perfect meal: .... DON'T LAUGH! 1/2lb beef and cheese burrito from taco bell w/ NACHOS!
  • The perfect hangover cure: see above... JK Double cheeseburger, Sweet tea, and small fry, oh and naps
  • The perfect road trip: ...I don't know but I'd like to go so get ahold of me lol
  • The perfect facial feature: Eyes definitely
  • The perfect drink: Sweet Tea
  • The perfect song: hummmm I don't know, I have music ADD so I doubt I'll ever have an answer for that one
  • The perfect sign of affection: The BF will just stare at me when he wants a kiss... I promise its not creepy lol :)
  • The perfect afternoon: Drinking... SWEET TEA and reading in the sun!
  • The perfect vacation: Does a deployment count as a vacation because if so it was definitely going to Guam, AMAZING
  • The perfect invention: post-it notes.... they make my day! :)
  • The perfect type of wedding: Small, large groups of people whether I know them or not make me nervous
  • The perfect album: Once again music ADD
  • The perfect accent: Australian DEFINITELY
  • The perfect date: something outside... like a walk or dinner on a patio of some sort?
  • The perfect weather: 88 and sunny!
  • The perfect party: I love the "small group of friends each with their own case of whatever" nights, they always end up with the best inside jokes!
  • The perfect sport: Volleyball, I miss it
  • The perfect thing to say: lol "Hey.... I love you" that always fixes whatever mood I'm in
  • The perfect day of the week: Saturday!

Happy Hump Day Y'ALL!

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