Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I really cant take school any more... its been 5 weeks and I need a vacation already....Its not that I have that much work I think I'm just too busy and everythings gotten really hard for me I have a feeling that I hit my head really hard and knocked anything that I knew about anything out my ears. I'm just so frustrated my classes are hard and then one of my teachers can barely speak english WHICH DRIVES ME NUTS if you become an American citizen and work here LEARN THE LANGUAGE its hard enough understanding what the teacher is saying LET ALONE the concepts I'm SUPPOSED to be learning... I'll probably rant some more later but Im just really angry right now...

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Katie said...

I live near Philadelphia, and Geno's the cheesesteak place promotes that people order in English.

I agree. I own a shirt that says "order in english".

Try to hang in there. I know school gets ridiculous. I'm taking a Vocabulary Studies course now and its perhaps one of the worst courses ever in my life. It blows the big one... I feel your pain.