Thursday, January 29, 2009

2 yes i said 2 self proclaimed snow days in a row

So.... yeah living in the middle of nowhere has its positives... but it also has its downsides. When you live in the middle of nowhere you never get to leave your house when it snows/ices butt loads. I guess the local/state/federal(?) governments believe that us hicks "ain't got nowhere to go!" Yes we have 4 wheel drive vehicles that can go in the snow I guess maybe when I bought my little focus I should have thought about that. OH WELL It gives me an excuse to stay home from work and school for 2 days!!! and what a wonderful two days they were.... I did some laundry and some much needed room cleaning (mostly unpacking from Guam!)(yes I am aware of my laziness) and the new BF came to visit yesterday (he's crazy for going all that way in the snow but hey he loves me!
and that's about it for today!

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