Thursday, January 8, 2009


I'm used to not sleeping so I'm not sure if my time zones are still screwed up or if its normal....
I'll get really tired and try to go to sleep but then out of nowhere I can't sleep if my life depended on it IT'S DRIVING ME CRAZY! Its been happening since I got back. Usually I won't get to sleep until late as in after midnight and then I'll wake up anywhere between 4am and 6am and I'll be tired all day but I'm afraid taking naps will make it worse.

Any advice?

I've tried eating tons of carbs which usually work but no such luck....

and I don't think its the anxiety I'm pretty happy, unless its my subconscious still feeling bad for the ex-fiance

I'm dreading going back to work I can only imagine the pile of to dos on my desk is HUGE!!! but i do miss it but Monday is still going to suck

I think I'm starting to get tired ADD is setting in.... OBVIOUSLY

Until We Meet Again Loves!!!

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